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Lisa Rice Certified Professional Coach Hypnotherapist Reconnective Healing Practiitioner

Lisa Rice
Intuitive and Healing Coach
Certified Professional Coach
Reconnective Healing Practitioner

Hello, I am Lisa Rice. I provide alternative healing and guidance to restore balance, harmony and passion to your life. I assist people who need help recovering from emotional wounds, bullying and traumas as well as those who just have an area of their life that needs “tweaking”.  I am a Spiritual and Professional  Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, an Intuitive, and a Medium. In addition, I do Reconnective Healing for people and animals.

I transformed my own life from one of a stressed out workaholic attorney, to the one I am living now, where I am following my passion and enjoying life! Although I was an unhappy entrepreneur and attorney, I was very successful, which allowed me to retire early and do this!   So in addition to helping clients with other areas of their lives, if you are struggling with your career, whatever it may be, chances are I can provide you with some valuable guidance. If you have been the victim of bullying, in or out of the home, I can help empower you so you can reclaim your dignity and authentic self. I’ve been there too.

If you are open to it, I also do intuitive readings to access guidance for you from spirit. This is probably my favorite thing to do.  I started doing readings for myself whenever I just wasn’t sure which way to turn or I just couldn’t figure out how to move forward.  The consistent and life changing guidance I received amazed me. So I started doing readings for friends and family who needed help and expanded from there. Without that spiritual guidance, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Several years ago, I was highly skeptical when I attended an initial 3 day training for Reconnective Healing. I went mainly out of curiosity and due to encouragement by my mother, who had a knowing this was something for me. To my amazement, not only was the teacher, Eric Pearl able to heal someone right in front of me,  I was able to channel the  healing frequencies as well. I then went on to more advanced training including healing for animals.   Recently several opportunities were laid in my path to use that training, in cases where the animals had already been treated by veterinarians and there was nothing more they could do. The results were immediate and miraculous. The healing took place on emotional as well as physical levels. During the process, as I channeled the healing frequencies to the animals, I received messages from and about them. I love animals, so being able to not only heal, but communicate with them is an amazing blessing for me. Please see my testimonial page to read about healings that were received by people as well as by animals.

My passion and my ability to help people, stems in part from my quest to heal myself.  Carl Jung said, “Where you are wounded, you are gifted”.   Like many of you, during my life, I have experienced a wide range of life altering situations and traumas (I am going to resist the temptation to give you a laundry list- I am sure you have your own!).  I thought I had overcome it all and couldn’t understand why I still felt depressed and anxious. Over the years, I tried traditional counseling and everything from prescription drugs to natural and alternative remedies and healing techniques.

The greatest leaps in my own healing occurred when I really learned how to tap into and trust my own higher guidance. This higher guidance sees the whole picture, including what is buried in your subconscious, and what you can do to heal it. The messages and guidance I have received and continue to receive literally blow me away! I want everyone to experience the peace and connection that is waiting just around the corner for them! An intuitive reading is a great place to start!

I am very blessed to be joined by my beautiful and talented daughter, Kady, in our work.  Please learn more about how we can help you here, or proceed to a free introductory consultation!

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Lisa Rice, CPC

Lisa Rice, CPC

Intuitive and Healing Coach at Wide Awake Coaching
I have a great deal of compassion and empathy. When I see someone who is suffering, I want to help.
Lisa Rice, CPC

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