Animal Healing

Animals are people too! Give the gift of healing to that special blessing in your life.

Portrait of European Rabbits, Oryctolagus cuniculus, sitting in front of white background

When traditional remedies have been exhausted, give your animal companion a second chance!

About Animal Healing

  • Lisa is trained in several modalities 
  • Healing can be for an emotional, spiritual and/or physical issue
  • Benefits are often immediate
  • During the healing Lisa may also receive guidance or messages to share with you
  • Special rates or a complementary session may be available for rescue or other special cases- just ask
  • Can be done at a distance or in person

cat-870How a long distance session works:  I will call or text you when I am ready to start. You can then observe your animal companion’s reaction to the session as it progresses. Even though I am at a distance, I usually get a picture in my mind’s eye of what is occurring, as well as messages or feelings from the animal. When I am finished I will call you and we can discuss what occurred.  

Please learn more about animal healings and what to expect on Lisa’s testimonials page under the Animal Healings and Readings section.

Next Steps

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If you are not sure how to proceed, we can have an introductory consultation to help you determine the best course of action or service to enjoy.

We look forward to helping you reach the healing that is meant for you or your animal companion!


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Lisa Rice, CPC

Lisa Rice, CPC

Intuitive and Healing Coach at Wide Awake Coaching
I have a great deal of compassion and empathy. When I see someone who is suffering, I want to help.
Lisa Rice, CPC

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