Consciousness Shift

The earth is a living thing, and like all living things it is constantly evolving and changing. We are currently experiencing an elevation in light, and energy. If you have noticed yourself being increasingly sensitive to things it could be due to the change that is taking place inside and around you. Now is the time […]

Your Heart Knows First

New scientific studies show that your heart knows things seconds before your brain does. It appears that the heart has a mind of its own.  I believe the heart relays a message to us using emotion, and then it is our brains job to find logic and answers as to why we are experiencing those […]

Kady’s Testimonials

“Kady was so incredibly compassionate and helpful to me. She is a young lady but an old soul!” D.W., Firefighter, South Carolina “Kady helped me see the truth of my situation in a very gentle way. A great way to reach change!” S.T, Author, CA  

About Kady

Hi, my name is Kady Rice and Lisa is my mom! I use my intuition and spiritual knowledge to help you work through and overcome whatever you feel is holding you back. Every person will have a different experience. I use several different techniques from card readings, messages from my guides, channeling energy, and most of […]