Scientific Evidence of Global Group Consciousness

The idea that there is a group or unifying field of consciousness has been around since ancient times.  This is the notion that our thoughts exist in a field, and are interconnected in some manner. Now researchers and scientists around the world are obtaining scientific proof that not only is there a global group consciousness, […]


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Lisa’s Testimonials

Coaching, Healing and Readings “Lisa’s intuitive guidance provides the clarity needed for personal and spiritual growth. Her attention to detail, compassion, and follow-through has been integral in helping me to transform my love life.” M.S., Young Professional  “Lisa has done several card readings for me throughout the past two years.  She has been spot on!  Some […]

Animal Healing

Animals are people too! Give the gift of healing to that special blessing in your life. When traditional remedies have been exhausted, give your animal companion a second chance! About Animal Healing Lisa is trained in several modalities  Healing can be for an emotional, spiritual and/or physical issue Benefits are often immediate During the healing Lisa […]

Coaching, Healing & Readings

Life and Spiritual Coaching Lisa can assist you with gaining or restoring balance and happiness in any area of your life including relationships, finances, career, stress, emotional issues and your life purpose. She assists people who need help recovering from emotional wounds, bullying and traumas, as well as those who just have an area of […]


We offer a variety of services to facilitate healing of your emotional, spiritual and physical issues or challenges. To schedule and purchase a service, please click on the link at the end of the description for that service. If you are unsure of what modality would be best for you, please contact us for a […]

How We Can Help

We can help anyone that is looking for a holistic approach to their health, and is committed to positive change and healing. If you sincerely want help, we want to help you! We can work with anyone from around the world depending on what is most convenient!  By phone, skype,  email, text message or even […]

About Lisa

Hello, I am Lisa Rice. I provide alternative healing and guidance to restore balance, harmony and passion to your life. I assist people who need help recovering from emotional wounds, bullying and traumas as well as those who just have an area of their life that needs “tweaking”.  I am a Spiritual and Professional  Life […]

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