How We Can Help

We can help anyone that is looking for a holistic approach to their health, and is committed to positive change and healing. If you sincerely want help, we want to help you!

We can work with anyone from around the world depending on what is most convenient!  By phone, skype,  email, text message or even in person in the Isle of Palms, South Carolina area or Fort Collins, Colorado.

Everyone is different and we will work with you to meet your unique needs.    When it comes to emotional healing, frequently our most important job is to help you to learn to believe in, and trust yourself. Whatever the issue is, we will not judge you. We will listen to you with an open mind, acceptance and compassion. No one else knows what it is like to be you, so even when we receive messages for you, we will check in with how that feels to you.

We love to help:

  • Animals (we love them all!) and their owners (we love them too!)
  • People who are suffering due to emotional or physical issues
  • Adults and young people
  • LGBT Community: Even though we are heterosexual, we have a strong desire to help members of the LGBT community heal from the wounds inflicted upon them by society, family and misguided people.
  • Any victim of discrimination, bullying and lack of acceptance: We have a strong amount of empathy and compassion for people who have suffered from discrimination, bullying and lack of acceptance. We want to help you!
  • Anyone who feels drawn to speak to us: That is no accident!


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Lisa Rice, CPC

Lisa Rice, CPC

Intuitive and Healing Coach at Wide Awake Coaching
I have a great deal of compassion and empathy. When I see someone who is suffering, I want to help.
Lisa Rice, CPC

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