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Coaching, Healing and Readings

“Lisa’s intuitive guidance provides the clarity needed for personal and spiritual growth. Her attention to detail, compassion, and follow-through has been integral in helping me to transform my love life.” M.S., Young Professional 

“Lisa has done several card readings for me throughout the past two years.  She has been spot on!  Some of her readings I did not want to believe, mostly regarding my relationships, but in the end she had been right on, more than once.  She also healed a friend of mine.  My friend had a hurt knee, she did not know what was wrong with it and it hurt her to walk.  Her knee had been like this for several months.  Lisa held a healing session with her and my friends pain was immediately gone and it has never come back.  It’s been over two years.  I truly believe in Lisa and her gifts.  She is very intuitive and has a gift of just “knowing”.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.”  J.F., Real Estate Professional  

“Lisa, Thank you again for the reading and intuitive guidance about my career and love life. With your help and connecting with what I like to call my “guardian angels” – I gained an immediate sense of clarity and understanding.  I was so comfortable being open and honest with you.  What’s more – you helped guide me to find the answers on my own.  You are a special healer and a very powerful, amazing soul.” S.M., Cosmetologist and Yoga Instructor

“Almost a year ago I had a Reconnective Healing Session with Lisa Rice and it continues to have profound and lasting changes in my life to this day. During the session I felt a level of deep and profound peace that I had never known before… I had been in physical pain that was directly related to emotional/mental trauma and for the first time in many months I was without pain. I felt safe and grounded and I felt tremendous energy flowing through all of the areas that had been previously shut down and in pain, especially in my right hip and leg.  Over the months following this single treatment, many profound changes in how I feel about myself (physically, mentally and emotionally), my relationships, my career and other areas of my life have continued to unfold. I am, at almost 50 years old, finally coming home to myself.  I will be eternally grateful to Lisa and this profound healing work that she does. I can’t recommend her enough!” K.P., Professional Opera Singer

“After one Reconnective Healing® session the headache I had when we started disappeared, and the leg cramp that I had been getting at night for months didn’t come back again!  On top of that, I had not been sleeping well for quite some time and could not believe the difference. The Reconnection took two appointments and I sincerely believed that it balanced out my body and mindset and I felt so energized, like I could run 10 miles!   I would sincerely recommend either one of these treatments from Lisa to anyone. ” C.P., Entrepreneur

“Last winter I was experiencing pain in my knee for a period of several months. It was gradually getting worse to the point where I could not walk without limping. Lisa asked me if I would like her to do a Reconnective Healing® session on me. I agreed to try it but I was not very optimistic that it would help. She did the treatment, but I had to cut it a bit shorter than usual because I could not get comfortable due to my knee.  I sat up and prepared for the pain in my knee. When I got off the table and took a couple of steps the pain was gone! I was shocked! The pain was completely gone (along with the limp) and has not come back!

Animal Healing and Readings

IMG_1126“Willis was injured eight years ago and has had reoccurring pain ever since. After seeing multiple vets, it was clear that there was nothing more we could do for him. After my families insistence he be euthanized, I was desperately trying to find a solution. This is where Lisa came in and was more help than I ever imagined she would be. She not only was able to heal the physical pain Willis has been having for many years, she was able to help heal him mentally. We assume that Willis was abused by his previous owner because he is very flighty and clearly scared of men. After Lisa did her first session, he approached me in the pasture and affectionately rubbed his face along my front and nuzzled me, which is not his normal behavior. After her second session, I unhaltered him and he turned around and galloped away from me. This was the first time I had seen him gallop in a very long time. I was moved to tears, completely overwhelmed with happiness and beyond relieved. Since my family could no longer pay for his care, Lisa suggested donating him to Chaps, a therapy assistance riding program, where he can help heal children and in turn continue healing himself. I could not have been more amazed and happy about the outcome of working with Lisa. I am so grateful!” M.K., Student at CSU studying Equine Science with a focus on Veterinary Medicine

energy healing animals

Lainey, Before and After

“Lisa has successfully treated two critically ill pets for me. My cat Lainey had been sick for weeks. The vet’s medicine only helped for a few days. She had stopped eating and drinking…the situation was critical. As soon as Lisa began her treatment Lainey got up and went straight for the water bowl. I was so thrilled to see her drinking! Before the treatment was over, she got perky, drank more water and began to purr! After the treatment her energy returned and she began eating again. I believe that Lisa’s treatment gave Lainey the energy boost she needed to drink, eat and complete the healing process over the next several days. She is now healthier than she has ever been. After that positive experience, when my other cat, Rusty, continued to go downhill after surgery, I enlisted Lisa’s help. Once again, the results were immediate. I now count on Lisa for first-line treatment of my pets when the vet just can’t help.” M.C., Life Coach

“Lisa did a reading for us after we lost our cat, Smokey,  that we had for 17 years. My daughter and I were devastated and both of us felt a lot of guilt because she was run over. One of the first things Lisa told us Smokey said was not to feel guilty. She told my daughter that she would always be with her. This was a great comfort to us and we both felt so much better after our reading. When my other daughter lost her dog a week later, we contacted Lisa again and she brought her dog through with just what she needed to know to help her through it. Lisa is amazing!” V.R., Real Estate Professional

banjo“What an AMAZING evening! Banjo boy was gifted an energy healing session with the amazingly talented Lisa Rice! Thank you for helping both of us and the beautiful work you do Lisa! I love you and so did Banjo IMMEDIATELY!!!” S.M., Animal House Rescue & Grooming

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Lisa Rice, CPC

Lisa Rice, CPC

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I have a great deal of compassion and empathy. When I see someone who is suffering, I want to help.
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