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We offer a variety of services to facilitate healing of your emotional, spiritual and physical issues or challenges. To schedule and purchase a service, please click on the link at the end of the description for that service.

If you are unsure of what modality would be best for you, please contact us for a free introductory consultation and we will determine the best service for you!

We Offer:

1. Spiritual and Intuitive Coaching and Advising
2. Empowerment Coaching for Teens and Young Adults
3. Intuitive and Spiritual Readings
4. Reconnective Healing® for People
5. Reconnective Healing® for Animals

All services are available with your choice of Lisa or Kady (whomever you feel most drawn to!) except for the Reconnective Healing®, which is only offered by Lisa.

Next Steps

You can click on the links above to learn more about each service, or click here to pay for and book your service: Schedule Now!

If you are not sure how to proceed, we can have an introductory consultation to help you determine the best course of action or service to enjoy.

We look forward to helping you reach the healing that is meant for you!

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Lisa Rice, CPC

Lisa Rice, CPC

Intuitive and Healing Coach at Wide Awake Coaching
I have a great deal of compassion and empathy. When I see someone who is suffering, I want to help.
Lisa Rice, CPC

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